I, unfortunately, did not educate myself on the importance of dental health in our fur babies until my sweet Sally Anne refused to eat her food and suddenly became very lethargic. Sally is a 5 year old maltipoo and has been a complete Godsend for my family from the first moment she became a member so you can imagine the panic I felt when I realized she was in pain. I reached out to Applebrook and they made a same day appt which I was so thankful for! Upon arriving for Sally Anne’s appointment and quickly learning of the severity of her teeth and gums, not to mention the pain she must have been feeling for quite some time, I felt horrible for not picking up on it sooner. I was literally in tears over worry for her but within minutes of talking to Dr. Pepper he reassured me that he would give her the best of care! Today Sally had to have several extractions done and not only did Dr. Pepper give her incredible care, but he updated me during the procedure so I would be, once again, reassured she was in good hands. Not to mention, he has the sweetest assistant (Heather) who is an absolute angel with fur babies. She also called and updated me on Sally during the day. Thanks to Applebrook and their wonderful, compassionate, and loving team, Sally is on the road to recovery and I’m fully aware and educated on the crucial importance of oral care and hygiene for our fur babies. There aren’t enough words to describe the gratitude I feel towards the entire Applebrook team!!!!