So, our clients all know that we frown on giving “people food” to pets. But we have pets and we know how it is.  We love them and we want to include them on the festivities too and they are just so cute begging and acting like they are starving.  We want you to know how to include them and NOT see us in the following days with vomiting/diarrhea and a variety of symptoms known as “dietary indiscretion”.

Choose wisely. If you think that a food item is not the best idea for you, don’t give it to your pet and there are, of course, ingredients that must be avoided for pets specifically, even though they aren’t toxic to us.

Examples might include:

Highly fat foods, like ground beef or bacon, can cause severe disease in some pets, like emergency pancreatitis. Thanksgiving morning brunch with eggs and sausage is not dog friendly!

Chocolate is never a great idea for pets. No onions, garlic, grapes, raisins or bones should be offered to dogs.

We personally avoid highly processed foods, like breads and pastries for my dogs (and myself).

Remember “all things in moderation”. Never give dogs all the leftover mashed potatoes or clean out the fridge on Black Friday dumping all of it on the dog!

Good choices might include giving a green bean or two or maybe a carrot.  Dessert for your dog could be a piece of melon.  Dogs are grateful to be included and are very excited about anything that we give them.  They do not usually question a tasty morsel!

Most pets are just happy to have all the excitement and visitors and the treats are secondary.  Pets show us what being thankful is all about and we are thankful for them!