Another year is on the books. Your resolution for your dog might need to be updated. This (not so simple) resolution is completely worth the effort!

The Most Important Resolution will give your more time with your dog.

What could be better than that?

It might not be the winter coat making Fido look fat. Obesity is an epidemic that robs us of time with our dogs. Purina’s Life Span Study proved that normal weight dogs lived an extra 1.8 years over their overweight counterparts.1 You must make sure that you are meeting nutritional needs while still reducing his calorie intake. A premium weight loss formula dog food or nutrition plan designed by a veterinary nutritionist will help you make sure.

Make sure your dog keeps a healthy body weight.

Here is how:

Involve your veterinarian.

If you think about it, your veterinarian has really put her “money where her mouth is”. She has probably borrowed nearly $200,000 just to get her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. There is no one that loves your dog more than you do, but your vet is pretty close. If veterinary bills are difficult for you, resolve to set aside a health savings account for your dog. Even a small amount from each paycheck can build up quickly enough to take the sting out of the yearly visit. Just say no to a few little extras and save the money to help your dog. As a part of your dog’s wellness, your vet will assess body weight and be happy to discuss it with you to help you make a plan.

Specified mealtimes are important.

Few animals in natural existence have unlimited access to food. Our dogs are not wired to be couch potatoes with limitless snacking capabilities. Give your pet the amount of food that you and your vet have calculated and allow 5-10 minutes for her to eat. At the end of that time, take the bowl away, preventing indulgence and boredom eating throughout the day.

Increase her exercise to improve weight and wellness.

Winter time blues can get us all. The days are short and the temperatures discouraging at best. Make time every day to get her moving! If you can train her to run on your treadmill, she can get some exercise even when it is cold. With a new workout buddy that always thinks you are great, you will like it too and you will never have to wait for her. She is always ready. Provide her with active toys and play games with her. It is good for your both!

Our dogs love us every day of every year. Let’s make 2020 The Year of the HEALTHY Dog!

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